The Reformed Bible Church

in Central Virginia - Appomattox, VA

Solely under the care and protection of the Sovereign King, Jesus Christ

Live Broadcast


Sermons can be seen live each Lord's Day at this link.

Our Location


We are located at 222 Harrell St in Appomattox, VA 24522. For directions, please click here.

Statement of Faith


Our Church Constitution and Statement of Faith is located at this link.

Service times

We meet every Sunday in Appomattox.

Sunday school: 10AM

Main service: 11:15AM

Our mission is to proclaim the glorious message of the gospel to the world with the hope of showing all men their need of the Saviour, always pointing to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of faith, and to advance the Kingdom of God on earth in time and in history. To Him be the Power, the Glory and Dominion forever and ever, Amen.


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