The Reformed Bible Church

in Central Virginia - Appomattox, VA

Solely under the care and protection of the Sovereign King, Jesus Christ

Live Broadcast


Sermons can be seen live each Lord's Day at this link.

Our Location


We are located at 222 Harrell St in Appomattox, VA 24522. For directions, please click here.

Statement of Faith


Our Church Constitution and Statement of Faith is located at this link.

Service times

We meet every Sunday in Appomattox.

Sunday school: 10AM

Main service: 11:15AM

Our Affiliate Churches

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Our mission is to proclaim the glorious message of the gospel to the world with the hope of showing all men their need of the Saviour, always pointing to Jesus Christ, the author and finisher of faith, and to advance the Kingdom of God on earth in time and in history. To Him be the Power, the Glory and Dominion forever and ever, Amen.


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Tactical Recon

Striving for Mediocrity

One of the reasons why Christendom is in a free fall of decay and insignificance is its lack of passion for the Glory of God and the advancement of His… [...]

Ungodly Alliances

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The Boiling Pot

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Get the Children out…NOW!

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Thanksgiving and the Rebellious Man

Since the fall of mankind, man, often through the power of the State, has sought to be God. This is a blatant attempt at disavowing the Truth of God’s Word. By… [...]

RBC Sermons

As a result of his sin, David must now face the repercussions of his actions, beginning with the death of his new born son.--This is the Twenty Fourth Sermon in… [...]

Just when David thought that his sin was hidden, and he had gotten aways with adultery, murder and mayhem, Nathan is sent to show David just how wrong he is.--This… [...]

In desperation to cover his sin of lustful adultery, David hatches a series of plans, all of which fail, until he contemplates the unthinkable- the murder of Uriah, the legitimate… [...]

Temptation is a daily occurrence in the life of the saint. Yet temptation is not sin. It is only when the saint enters into temptation, by flirting with it, that… [...]

Sloth is a destroying adversary since it breeds temptation and all manner of sin. Now that David is at ease, he falls into complacency and shirks his responsibility as king… [...]